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Canadian Maritime Forces Atlantic (MARLANT)

Canadian Navy 5th Maritime Operations Group, badge (insignia) Canadian Navy 5th Maritime Operations Group, badge (insignia)

Gules four bendlets reversed wavy Azure a sea Cerberus Or gorged of a collar Sable garnished Argent holding under the dexter arm a trident Or fesswise;


Symbolism: The field represents the naval environment. Its colours have a double meaning; the first is the various waters in which the Group's elements are operating: blue for the deep waters where submarines and Naval Control of Shipping operate, and red for the littoral waters where Harbour Defence, Divers and Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels operate. The second meaning is the bilingual aspect of the Group's elements and personnel. In Greek and Roman mythologies, Cerberus is the three-headed dog guarding the underworld. This monster represents the Group's main mission to guard the East Coast of Canada. It has been transformed into a sea monster to better represent the naval aspect of the Group.


Canadian Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Scott, badge (insignia) Canadian Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Scott, badge (insignia)

Argent a cross Azure charged with a fillet cross Argent, overall a thistle Or, the cross interlaced with a gear-wheel Gules;


Symbolism: The badge is derived directly from that borne by HMCS Cape Scott. Cape Scott on Vancouver Island was named in honour of David Scott, a merchant of Bombay. The blue cross is taken from the flag of the Trustees of the port of Bombay; the gear wheel refers to one of the functions of HMCS Cape Scott as a maintenance vessel; while the thistle is reference to the name Scott. The white cross differences the badge of FMF Cape Scott form its namesake vessel.


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